MISKOFITS is an independent design platform created by Meejee "Misko" Kim started in 2020. Our mission is to help serve other artists and creatives with their design concepts and bring it to life. 

The name "Misko" came from college when Meejee dreamed of owning a streetwear company one day. From drawing original sketches to co-owning a Korean apparel brand, Meejee officially opened her brand for business in 2020. 

Since opening MISKOFITS, Meejee has been able to help many artists from New York and Los Angeles in their creative branding. We are proud to represent and curate for our partner KAN. 

On top of creating merch pieces and logos for artists, Meejee has utilized her e-commerce background into creating UGC content for brands as well on TikTok and Instagram. If you have any questions about video creation please connect with us directly on Instagram! 

Thank you for supporting our business and we hope you have an amazing day.