Being Consistent During 2020 - MISKOFITS

Being consistent in 2020 seems like a stretch, 

but the more consistent we are in what we are pursuing now, the better it will be in the long run post-COVID 19.

Hi, my name is Meejee Kim and I am a Korean American actress and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with my wonderful boyfriend. I started MISKOFITS officially in March and we focus on activism, community and media. Our streetwear apparel is influenced by Korean streetwear and minimal approaches in a studio setting. 

The reason I am talking about consistency this week is because during a time like now where many of us have had to adjust our personal lives due to COVID, it is certainly difficult to stay inspired and on track. First, I'd like to say that our hearts at MISKOFITS goes out to all of the individuals affected by COVID, racial injustice, human trafficking, and much more this year alone. This year has shown many important realizations for WHAT REALLY IS important. LIFE is precious and it is our duty to stand with each other in the name of protecting our freedom to LIVE.


Consistency is the bread and butter of making your dream become a reality. No matter how good our ideas are, the product only gets built if the process of building the product is started. Just like many new entrepreneurs, it was hard for me to finally put my money where my mouth is. 

I graduated from the University of Baltimore majoring in International Business and Entrepreneurship - while attending school, I worked on my first ever online store as an assistant to another brand and it was the start of my online journey. During college, I always knew I did NOT want to work in an office demanding hours between 9-5 so I started to learn ways in working from home. This desire and urge to miss the rat race led me to learning about branding, ad building, campaign planning,  campaign execution and copy writing. 

This skill set in college allowed me to create my own store online using Shopify. Being consistent in learning and applying these principles is a base where now I am still investing into courses where I can learn more about scaling my store with newer methods. 

Living every day with more intention to serve your purpose are all little steps of progress which needs consistency as the major glue to your execution. 

Tips on Staying Consistent

1.) Remember that your life is really...YOUR LIFE. No matter what others may think of your progress during YOUR process literally does not matter. 

2.) Be more thankful. In a noisy world where everyone and the media are spewing craziness installing more chaos into the world, remember that we are all little spectacles of dust in a huge ass galaxy and that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. The amount of times where I would remind myself of how small an issue is in the moment then to find out how small the issue actually WAS saved my ass. Plenty of times. Trust me, less reaction more reflection. 

3.) YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please, if you are going through a tough time reach out to a friend because most likely our friends are also going through a lot during this time. We need each other to live a better life together. 

4.) Find out what makes you happy and STICK WITH IT. No matter what you are pursuing, wanting something simply does not cut it. For consistency to work, we need to make sure we put IN the work - does your current job or venture make you feel alive? Putting asides the fear of not making enough money what is really stopping you?

5.) Try the five minute journal. This journal allows us to write out more positivity into our life and will help encourage our mental health. From a personal note, I started doing this for three days and it has helped me replace negative thoughts to more positive ones by habit. 

Be encouraged as now is an opportunity of a lifetime to take advantage of. Those who act now will be thankful for next year! Cheering for you and thank you for reading.