Welcome to MISKOFITS and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my shop! <3 

My name is Misko and I am an artist, designer, and real estate professional based in the east coast. 
MISKO, was actually created back when I was in college and wanted to create a personal brand in alignment with streetwear. Little did I realize that 6 years later I would be designing merch, writing music, and now working in real estate.
It is such an honor to share my life journey with my beautiful partner KAN who has been a long time friend of mine. 
How we started working together is actually how our love story began. I totally had a crush on him when I was a teenager but fast forward 9 years and here we are.



KAN started his journey in the DJ/Techno/House music scene officially in 2021 and contacted me to design his logo while I was still living in LA.

With the timing of his first show and my father's birthday being perfect, I decided to come back to the east coast for these two major events to then realize that I did not want to go back to Los Angeles. 

At this point, we decided to start a brand together and this journey has taken us to so many new heights individually and together. 

Nevertheless, we encourage all of our listeners and friends to always work hard and never give up on what you are passionate about. Taking the first step towards something you want to pursue is a huge accomplishment and we want everyone to always speak their truth. 


We thank you so so much for the continued support, please check out our music handles and connect with us on social media <3