Getting Started on MISKOFITS During a Pandemic.


Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my post about starting my brand during a pandemic. Before I begin, how are you doing? Of course, during this time our lives have changed in ways where we now need to adapt faster than we can hope for things to go back to "normal". No matter what, we are all in this pandemic together and you are not alone.

Furloughed 3 Months Before Our Move

I officially moved out of NYC on March 7 and was home for three months before moving to Santa Monica with my boyfriend. Before I started MISKOFITS, I used to work for Hillstone Restaurant Group in NYC at the Park Avenue location. Prior to leaving NYC, my HR team helped me set up a transfer for the location near our apartment in Santa Monica, and everything was set to go until COVID-19 shocked the economy. 

After being officially unemployed, I decided to start MISKOFITS by creating the official LLC in March. Now, how did I come up with MISKOFITS? The name MISKO derived from when I was in college and dreamed of owning my own line one day. My frame is petite so I have been customizing my own clothes since college. I studied International Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Baltimore and started pursuing my TV career in 2017. 

While in college, I always knew I didn't want to work in an office so I invested into online courses about social media marketing. With this background, I have helped business owners advertise their products on social media as well as manage their content creation using software tools for planning. 

With this background, I finally decided to open my own store during the pandemic because I committed to using what I know how to do for others into my first offical venture. 

No matter what your goals are, little steps every day towards your goals is what will bring success. I officially opened this website while Victor and I were settling down in LA. Life is filled with opportunities and for those who take advantage of their time now will be able to navigate smoothly this year and the future. 

I want to encourage you to visualize your life in what you'd like it to be and just go for it because WHY NOT?


Thankful and excited to use my platform here as a blog and also design house. Thank you for reading my blip!